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12/8: Stanford Neurodiversity Project -Network for K-12 Neurodiversity Education & Advocacy Meeting

How to Register:

When: Dec 8, 2022 4-5 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Please use this meeting registration link below to register in advance

(different from the August link):

About the Panel:

Abby Kirigin

Abby is a mom to three gifted, creative, and 2e children. She is pursuing her doctorate at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, is the Administrative Director for Touchstone Learning, an elementary school for dyslexic learners, and is a partner at REEL Palo Alto, a Bay Area advocacy group for twice-exceptionality. Abby holds a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon and a B.A. in Computer Science & Philosophy.

Emon Reynolds

Emon lives in the Bay Area with her family of seven. She is CEO of her household and supports her four 2e kiddos and 2e husband in navigating their life adventures with neurodiverse profiles. She earned her Bachelor and Masters degrees from Wake Forest University and her professional career seasons included work in television production for ESPN, as an event coordinator for large entertainment facilities, and a real estate broker. Nothing in her educational and professional life speaks louder to her qualifications for being her family’s fierce advocate than her “on the job training”. In sharing her journey and experiences, she hopes to encourage and give hope to other families to seek the supports they need. And to take on the “hard” that comes with advocating for our 2e kiddos and children of color in their educational and life journey.

Cindi Savelli

Cindi team-leads the Neurodiversity@PHP activities at Parents Helping Parents in San Jose, which they started pandemic summer 2020. There’s a Zoom parent support meeting every Monday evening! She’s mom to a 26 year old neurodiverse son who graduated from college last June and is off to a new job in Washington, D.C. in January, as well as a 24 year old daughter who works for the Stanford Maternity Data Center. In her spare time, she’s visits family in France with her French husband.


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