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understand a situation from another point of view "Travel"


processing in terms of a construct



supporting teamates

Joanna Whittington(She/Her) 2nd degree connection2ndManaging Consultant at Stantec


I agree Carole Jean Whittington. Both of these fabulous ladies have helped me to understand my teenager and I have passed on a lot of the wisdom at work. The best advice that I see time and time again is: “Ask all of your team members what they need in order to feel accepted, safe and can thrive. Listen to their answers.” It’s also important to remember that people should not have to disclose that they are autistic to be treated as a respected and cherished individual. But read Jaime A. Heidel and Jessica Michaels too. Lots of insight.

Ludmila Praslova, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP(She/Her) 2nd degree connection2ndProfessor and Director, VUSC Graduate Organizational Psychology | Organizational Culture Strategist | Inclusion | Wellbeing | Moral Injury | Neurodiversity at Work | Autism Inclusion | Thriving at Work | Diversity |


Lori Samuels, if you like something that blends research and lived experience: Specific to advancement in leadership: Systemic inclusion with the focus on autism For employers or employees, Strengths: Motivation: Stress and moral injury Part 2 Bullying

Lori, www. has some good resources on neurodiversity in the workplace including management and peer training resources ( Also Disability:IN and other companies just launched the Neurodiversity Career Connector, a career portal dedicated to neurodivergent jobseekers (


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