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ADHD Autism Intense Relief

You can use this track to help provide some relief from the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and as background music for a study aid. ► Get the MP3 version here (ambient 108) - ► 'Just Tones' version without any music - This isochronic tones music session is designed to speed up your brain while keeping your left brain hemisphere dominant. This is helpful for increasing concentration, attention and reducing emotional response and hyperactivity in those with ADD/ADHD. ► Subscribe to my channel and be updated with my latest tracks: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are usually characterized by "slow-wave" EEG patterns, particularly in the left frontal region. This session stimulates the left brain hemisphere with a much higher frequency than the right, which helps to correct a hemispheric imbalance. Note: Each brain hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. So to stimulate the left brain hemisphere the frequency is played in the 'right ear', and to stimulate the right hemisphere that frequency is sent to the 'left ear'. Both ears start with the 10Hz frequency, which gradually ramps up until the 15-minute mark. At this stage, the right ear (left brain hemisphere) receives 40Hz for 5 minutes and the left ear (right brain hemisphere) receives 14Hz. As this is an extended session, a similar cycle is then repeated 9 times throughout the 3-hour track. You don't have to listen for the full 3 hours and can stop at any time. However, I do recommend you listen for at least 20 minutes to get the full effect of the first frequency cycle. Headphones/Earbuds Are Required As this session stimulates each ear with a different frequency, you do need to wear headphones/earbuds to get the full effect. What volume level? The main thing to consider is that it should be loud enough to hear the repetitive isochronic tones, so you don't want it so quiet you can hardly hear them. But you also don't want it so loud that it's uncomfortable for you and hurts your ears, or gives you a headache. I'd recommend starting with the volume around halfway and adjust it to a level that you feel comfortable with from there. It does depend on your equipment though, halfway on some devices may be too high, on others not high enough. That's why it's difficult to give specific volume advice. ► If you are new to this type of audio brainwave entrainment, find out how isochronic tones work and how they compare to binaural beats here: #ADHDfocusmusic#ADHDmusictherapy#ADHD#ADHDintenserelief


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Hello, Thank you for visiting Everything Neurodiversity. This site is a labor of love and has been run solely by me. The hosting costs are minimal and I try to dedicate time to it whenever I can. I intend to keep this site as educational and ad free. 

I have learned a great deal from working on this site and the social platforms that go along with it. So much that I have started another site dedicated to fashion and clothing. Trying to make shopping for clothes easier if you will. I have curated close to a million items and build a web application to search and display them. It's still a work in progress, but If you are here I wanted to extend an invite to test and explore the beta version. Its embed below or available at

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