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ADHD | Autistic | Relief Music: Deep Focus Music for Studying and Concentration, Study Music

ADHD Relief Music: Deep Focus Music for Studying and Concentration, Study Music ~ My other channels:

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Farran 4 months ago (edited)

If you are wondering why this works so well, here's my take on it, as a musician and neurobiologist who also recently acknowledged the high likelihood that I have this thing they call ADHD:This is polyrhythmic, in that it has a 3/4 melody and a 4/4 beat. The melody's timing is also complex, whereas the beat is totally regular. Additionally, the combination of the melody's rhythm and the beat's rhythm do not realign for quite some time, producing a very long sequence of non-repeating music - whilst being totally "samey", and therefore not actively distracting. These factors force the brain to focus on something cyclical yet gradually permutating, which satisfies the attention-hyperactivity. Whoever made this knew exactly what they were doing! Good job 🖖☮☯


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