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ASAN is Hiring for a Grassroots Associate Position

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is Hiring for a Grassroots Associate Position to be remote at first with a timetable to relocate to their office in Washington DC.

Details and Apply:

The Grassroots Associate provides program coordination to ASAN’s Operations team, working specifically on community engagement and leadership development programs. They will assist in planning events and provide administrative support. They will work closely with ASAN’s Deputy Director of Operations. The job is a salaried position paying $57,000/year with comprehensive health insurance and up to 5 weeks of paid time off per year.

The Programs Associate will work at ASAN’s Washington, DC office when it is safe to resume in-person work, but can start remotely and discuss a timetable for relocating to DC.

Job responsibilities:


  • Assist the Deputy Director of Operations in planning & coordinating programs and events, including webinars, community partnerships and grassroots action:

  • Developing presentations and webinars;

  • Work with partner organizations to develop projects and events;

  • Work with ASAN staff to mobilize grassroots action on a local and state level;

  • Provide ongoing technical assistance to leadership programs alumni throughout the year, assisting in their skill development and activism;

  • Provide ongoing technical assistance to ASAN’s affiliated self-advocacy organizations throughout the year;

  • Managing event logistics (e.g. disability accommodations for attendees, reserving a venue, arranging catering, setting up meetings etc.);

  • Coordinating staff, materials & schedules on site during an event;

  • Work with ASAN staff to relay information about ASAN’s work to the public and promote ASAN resources; and

  • Other duties as assigned.

Skills needed:

  • Strong organizational and planning skills

  • Ability to work on multiple logistically complex long-term projects simultaneously

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Apps

  • Strong phone, email, and written communication skills (this can include using AAC or other communication supports as necessary)

  • Familiarity with the disability rights, self-advocacy, and neurodiversity movements

  • Ability to occasionally work evenings and weekends. Staff receive comp time for nonstandard hours

  • Ability to take direction, take initiative, and work in a team

  • Track record of discretion and reliability in work and advocacy environments

  • Willingness to learn about and respect the different access needs of self-advocates and work colleagues

Skills preferred

  • Community organizing experience

  • History of leadership role(s) in advocacy projects and campaigns

  • Experience in event planning and/or project management

  • Spanish language proficiency or fluency

We strongly encourage people of color, AAC users, and members of the LGBTQ community to apply. Interested parties should send their resume and cover letter to


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