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Autism & "Age-Inappropriate Interests" - My Autistic Experience

This week I'm going to be talking about some of my interests as an Autistic Person that were deemed air quotes "inappropriate" by adults around me.

If you've ever heard that sometimes Autistic children "may have interests that are not appropriate for their age or grade level." This would be me sharing my experience of that. If you are at all curious, please do stay tuned.

Patreon members and YouTube channel members had access to this video on January 3, 2022. The video’s public release will be February 16, 2022.

Visual Descriptions: Thumbnail Image of Lyric sitting in an RV in front of 2 windows with the shade drawn, and in front of the words Autism & "Age-Inappropriate Interests" in teal and green text.

It's important that we all understand, that as Autistic People, there is not a unified autistic experience. We all have different opinions and very different experience, and I think it's great to share those things. If you're a NeuroTypical watching, remember that this is just my experience as a NeuroDivergent Person.

Hopefully, this video will inspire other NeuroDivergent People to share their experiences as well, how they relate, and maybe even do not relate in the comments below.

I encourage you to listen to, and read, as many Autistic experiences as possible to best understand Autistic People.

I would LOVE to see more Autism vlogs by #ActuallyAutistic People.



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