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Autism@Work 2021 Speakers Lineup

virtual conference August 24th and 25th 2021

The Autism@Work Virtual Summit gives you the opportunity to hear from more than 40 speakers, including employers, autistic employees and advocates, community organisations, educational institutions, service providers and researchers.

The days’ program will also include:

  • a panel of autistic adults, sharing their experiences of employment

  • an employer panel, discussing sustainable employment, sustainable programs from their perspective

  • sessions on a range of topics including mental health, employee resource groups, transition support, advocacy in employment, and small business skills for autistic adults.

Virtual exhibition

  • A virtual exhibition will be available for attendees to visit throughout the Summit, with booths expected to showcase resources, services and products of employers, employment-focused researchers and service providers.

Expected attendees

This virtual event will provide an opportunity for people from across Australia and internationally to attend, regardless of their physical location.

Delegates are expected from a range of sectors including large corporations, small business owners, start-ups, state and federal government departments, local councils, universities and TAFEs.

Autistic adults and their supporters are actively encouraged to attend the event.


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