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Brain Surgeon’s Advice On How To Stop Negative Behaviors And Strengthen Your Mind

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

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How malleable are we? How much can we “supercharge” our brains? How much does diet affect the mind? Renowned neurosurgeon Rahul Jandial has spent his life tackling the toughest medical questions about the brain and the mind. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, he shares his extraordinary knowledge about how much food affects our mindset, how to strengthen our brains, and what we can realistically expect from our efforts.


Rahul discusses how brain injuries can sometimes uncover hidden potential [2:48]

Rahul explains how much brain training can really help [4:16]

Rahul gives specific tips on how to make the brain healthier [6:04]

Rahul explains the mind diet [10:41]

Rahul and Tom discuss how intermittent fasting kicks the mind diet into high gear [12:16] Rahul talks about how even animals get high, and how plants work on your brain [18:20] Rahul talks about measuring brain electricity [23:27]

Rahul and Tom discuss habits and brain plasticity [27:10]

Use it or lose it [31:14]

Rahul discusses mental health [34:16]

Rahul explains the complexity of depression and anxiety [38:49]

Rahul and Tom discuss how repetition creates positive mental habits [42:30]

Rahul explains the importance of physical exercise [45:08]

Rahul shares the one most important change people should make [48:21]




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