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Can AI help all abilities learn? I asked ChatGPT to teach me how to write some programs in python

AI presents some great opportunities, and if you have seen any sci-fi movie some great challenges. I'm sorry but I can't write a post about AI on a neurodiversity site without first addressing one obvious (to me) issue... as a society we are just not that great (yet) at acceptance of differences. I suppose if I thought we false, this site would not exist. So before we get too far. I give you the background story of the Matrix movie series:

The Animatix - The Second Renaissance Part I 1/2

The Animatrix - The Second Renaissance Part I 2/2

As we build these new technologies and the sentient versions of them that will come. We need to learn to be accepting and nice to everyone and everything.

Now you came here for some ChatGPT office automation fun so I at least owe you that.

ChatGPT: Can you show me how to write a python program to populate a google document with the contents of a pandas dataframe?

As you can see, until the server times out (this is still a free research model) it does a great job of writing an entire quick python program to write to a google doc.

ChatGPT Can you show me step by step directions for creating a python program to write a pandas dataframe to a word document?

It also does a great job showing how to write a program to write a dataframe to a word document, but I had more questions, like what about writing to a paragraph?

Thanks, can you show me again how to import a csv to Google CoLab notebook, also what if I want to write to a new paragraph instead of a table?

As you can see, learning with ChatGPT and an AI chatbot in general is amazing for the curious.

How will this ability to ask questions and receive answers, or in this case near completely written programs change learning?


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