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championing neurodiversity in the boardroom

Charlotte Valeur is an experienced non-executive director and listed company Chair, with over 35 years of executive and governance experience. She is a former Chair of the Institute of Directors (UK) and now heads up the Global Governance Group.

Her board resume is highly impressive.

Charlotte is also neurodiverse. She first spoke publicly about her autism diagnosis last year (2020) and now works to showcase the strengths and talents of neurodiverse people, especially in the boardroom.

In this first of two episodes with Charlotte, you’ll hear about:

  • Charlotte’s experience opening up about her autism diagnosis

  • Why aren't more directors and executives able to speak up?

  • Has Charlotte’s diagnosis changed the way she approaches her role on boards?

  • How can we create inclusive decision-making cultures?

  • Is ‘fitting in’ dangerous for good governance?

  • How can board directors balance fitting in and being different?

  • How to deal when people get defensive to new ideas

If you loved this, you’ll love hearing Charlotte speak at our upcoming Decision84 event.

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Effective Directors: The Right Questions to Ask

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