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Cold Water Bathing: Scientific facts you need to know - Susanna Soeberg | Growth Island Ep #74

Updated: Mar 15

ChatGPT Summary:

The speaker is discussing the popularity of cold water swimming, particularly in Denmark during the winter months. They mention that many people have been posting about it on Instagram and ask Senna, an expert on the topic, to share more information about the health benefits of cold water swimming and the science behind it.

Senna explains that they have a PhD in basic metabolism research and have written a book on the topic of cold water swimming and brown fat. They mention that brown fat is different from white fat in that it increases metabolism and can help remove white fat from the body.

Senna goes on to discuss the health benefits of activating brown fat through cold water exposure, including improved blood sugar regulation, increased metabolism, and a boost in the immune system. They also talk about the benefits of cold water swimming for mental health, including reduced stress and improved sleep.

Overall, the content of the transcript suggests that cold water swimming can have significant health benefits, particularly for activating brown fat and improving metabolism.


Human physiological responses to immersion into water of different temperatures

Šrámek, P., Šimečková, M., Janský, L. et al. Human physiological responses to immersion into water of different temperatures. Eur J Appl Physiol81, 436–442 (2000).


To differentiate between the effect of cold and hydrostatic pressure on hormone and cardiovascular functions of man, a group of young men was examined during 1-h head-out immersions in water of different temperatures (32°C, 20°C and 14°C). Immersion in water at 32°C did not change rectal temperature and metabolic rate, but lowered heart rate (by 15%) and systolic and diastolic blood pressures (by 11%, or 12%, respectively), compared to controls at ambient air temperature. Plasma renin activity, plasma cortisol and aldosterone concentrations were also lowered (by 46%, 34%, and 17%, respectively), while diuresis was increased by 107%. Immersion at 20°C induced a similar decrease in plasma renin activity, heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressures as immersion at thermoneutrality, in spite of lowered rectal temperature and an increased metabolic rate by 93%. Plasma cortisol concentrations tended to decrease, while plasma aldosterone concentration was unchanged. Diuresis was increased by 89%. No significant differences in changes in diuresis, plasma renin activity and aldosterone concentration compared to subjects immersed to 32°C were observed. Cold water immersion (14°C) lowered rectal temperature and increased metabolic rate (by 350%), heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure (by 5%, 7%, and 8%, respectively). Plasma noradrenaline and dopamine concentrations were increased by 530% and by 250% respectively, while diuresis increased by 163% (more than at 32°C). Plasma aldosterone concentrations increased by 23%. Plasma renin activity was reduced as during immersion in water at the highest temperature. Cortisol concentrations tended to decrease. Plasma adrenaline concentrations remained unchanged. Changes in plasma renin activity were not related to changes in aldosterone concentrations. Immersion in water of different temperatures did not increase blood concentrations of cortisol. There was no correlation between changes in rectal temperature and changes in hormone production. Our data supported the hypothesis that physiological changes induced by water immersion are mediated by humoral control mechanisms, while responses induced by cold are mainly due to increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system.


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Thank you for tuning into Growth Island again. I have been posting a lot about cold water


00:00:05,879 --> 00:00:11,720

earlier and I love jumping in the cold water than a sauna and it's been extremely popular


00:00:11,720 --> 00:00:15,839

in Denmark or with the winter. If ever you went to Instagram, at least in my feed, I would


00:00:15,839 --> 00:00:21,039

constantly see someone jumping. But why is it actually that we do it? How good is it


00:00:21,039 --> 00:00:27,039

for you? What are the health benefits and what's that weird thing called brown fat or


00:00:27,039 --> 00:00:31,719

what are we learning about then? So today I got an expert in on the subject is to send


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us a bell. She is a researcher. She has a PhD in basic metabolism research and she has


00:00:38,399 --> 00:00:43,099

a specialization in cold water and brown fat. So I couldn't find anyone much better to


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talk about this subject. She also wrote a book about this topic and she's being featured


00:00:47,480 --> 00:00:51,600

many different places sharing the knowledge about how can we do the cold water swimming


00:00:51,600 --> 00:00:55,679

in the best manner and how do we lift this good light. So, Senna, thank you so much for


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coming on. Well, thank you very much for inviting me. I am very honored. So, Senna, how


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do you suddenly get started on researching cold water and brown fat? How does that start?


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Yeah, it's a really good question. How do you end there? It's actually because I was


00:01:15,760 --> 00:01:22,840

always been very interested in obesity and type 2 diabetes and been researching that


00:01:22,840 --> 00:01:29,680

for a while. I did some other metabolism research before I started the brown fat research.


00:01:29,680 --> 00:01:35,840

So I've been in another topic before that. But then I met this other supervisor researcher


00:01:35,840 --> 00:01:40,879

who was very passionate about something called the brown fat. And the brown fat could


00:01:40,879 --> 00:01:46,280

do something different from the white fat. So, the white fat is storing the energy in


00:01:46,280 --> 00:01:51,200

the body and you get more white fat and you want to get rid of it actually. And this


00:01:51,200 --> 00:01:57,280

is a brown fat type. I actually can increase your metabolism and it can remove the white


00:01:57,280 --> 00:02:03,120

fat. So, it increases your metabolism. And I thought that was really interesting that


00:02:03,120 --> 00:02:08,039

you can have two types of fat working completely different. The one is storing and the other


00:02:08,039 --> 00:02:13,039

one is expanding then. So, I really wanted to look into that. I just thought the topic


00:02:13,039 --> 00:02:20,599

was really exciting and very new because we don't know that much about the brown fat.


00:02:20,599 --> 00:02:26,799

So when I got into this we knew something that has been research for maybe 10, 15 years


00:02:26,799 --> 00:02:32,240

or maybe a little less. And I could actually contribute with something new here. So,


00:02:32,240 --> 00:02:35,840

I thought that was really exciting to get on board really early.


00:02:35,840 --> 00:02:39,359

Cool, good. And just to clarify, someone is sitting out there. I'm very white. I don't


00:02:39,359 --> 00:02:43,280

have any brown fat. All human beings have white fat and brown fat. It doesn't have anything


00:02:43,280 --> 00:02:44,519

to do with skin color.


00:02:44,520 --> 00:02:51,960

No, that's a good question. So, it has nothing to do with your skin color. Like many other


00:02:51,960 --> 00:02:56,480

things, it has nothing to do with skin color. Everybody has white fat and everyone.


00:02:56,480 --> 00:03:02,040

Almost people have brown fat but not all. We found out that some people actually don't


00:03:02,040 --> 00:03:08,400

have brown fat. We could talk more about that later on who has it and why does it disappear


00:03:08,400 --> 00:03:15,319

and how can we maybe regain it? Really interesting topic for you after me. And that's why winter


00:03:15,319 --> 00:03:16,319

swimming comes in.


00:03:16,319 --> 00:03:21,480

That's a good thesis. We're getting into, I think I read one of you post potentially


00:03:21,480 --> 00:03:27,240

about it, which is quite fascinating about babies. But if we start with the winter swimming,


00:03:27,240 --> 00:03:30,960

a winter bathing or cold water, it's getting a lot of attention then we're also because


00:03:30,960 --> 00:03:33,640

of the lockdown and many plays around the world. So it's one of the things we've been


00:03:33,639 --> 00:03:38,799

able to do. But it's something that people have been doing for thousands of years. Why


00:03:38,799 --> 00:03:40,599

is it so good from a health perspective?


00:03:40,599 --> 00:03:43,759

Why is it so good for your health? The question is probably also first, is it good for your


00:03:43,759 --> 00:03:47,959

health? I took that for granted from the services that I've written.


00:03:47,959 --> 00:03:53,679

Yeah, is it good for your health? So, there's been many studies looking into the health


00:03:53,679 --> 00:03:59,719

of winter swimming. And there's been many studies only looking at one outcome and I think


00:03:59,719 --> 00:04:04,199

that is also how you need to do it because you can't measure everything, but everything


00:04:04,199 --> 00:04:09,280

is actually activated in the body when you jump in the water. So, so many things happens


00:04:09,280 --> 00:04:15,680

because you activate your sympathetic nervous system. And that is your fight and flight.


00:04:15,680 --> 00:04:21,279

So you really get alert because of the cold. It's so cold that the body sees it as something


00:04:21,279 --> 00:04:27,040

extreme is happening. You might die. So, that is the one system. But it also activates


00:04:27,040 --> 00:04:33,560

your diving response because you submerge into the water. And that is a reflex. So, you


00:04:33,560 --> 00:04:39,400

have also activated the parasympatic nervous system. So, you have two systems that you have


00:04:39,400 --> 00:04:44,840

activated. And when you do that, you get some health benefits from it because activating


00:04:44,840 --> 00:04:49,560

your sympathetic nervous system is also what we know from exercise and running. You will


00:04:49,560 --> 00:04:55,759

increase your metabolism. And from the parasympatic nervous system, you will activate a


00:04:55,759 --> 00:05:03,439

satanine and a cortisol, which is also able to calm you down and also makes you more mentally


00:05:03,439 --> 00:05:09,839

balanced. So, that's maybe why people who went to swim when they get up, they both feel


00:05:09,839 --> 00:05:16,199

excited at first because of the neuropinesis and the release and endophins and dopamine


00:05:16,199 --> 00:05:21,079

in the brain and all these neurotransmitters going on in the brain at the same time. But


00:05:21,079 --> 00:05:27,039

after a while, you will also feel a bit more calm. And that's also because of the activation


00:05:27,039 --> 00:05:32,839

of the parasympatic nervous system. So, two systems working together, maybe in a conflict


00:05:32,839 --> 00:05:37,719

at first when you jump in the water, but then later on, then you will have both things


00:05:37,719 --> 00:05:46,159

actually going good for you as good things. But we don't have human studies where we have


00:05:46,160 --> 00:05:51,720

measured how much dopamine is released in the brain when you jump in water. We don't


00:05:51,720 --> 00:05:57,200

have that yet. I don't know if it's even possible to measure that in the brain in humans,


00:05:57,200 --> 00:06:02,280

but it's been measured in mice. So, we have that from mice, but not from humans yet.


00:06:02,280 --> 00:06:08,920

But we think it can be related at least. And it also fits with how people are feeling


00:06:08,920 --> 00:06:13,280

and how they explain the experience afterwards. But first, I need to know that we actually


00:06:13,279 --> 00:06:18,279

have that, I find them all that they can do science. The more we realize how little we


00:06:18,279 --> 00:06:22,759

know, especially the brain, because it's so like when you're going to sleep as well,


00:06:22,759 --> 00:06:25,919

like what can we actually measure, right? The massive bit as you're saying is coming


00:06:25,919 --> 00:06:31,399

from us because we're doing horrible experiments on them. But that are like then hopefully


00:06:31,399 --> 00:06:35,719

doing something for humans to be able to live better. But first things are here. And


00:06:35,719 --> 00:06:41,000

also like those those two systems being actually at the same time. Do we know any other


00:06:41,000 --> 00:06:46,920

like states of mind or activities where we get those two systems activated at the same


00:06:46,920 --> 00:06:50,639

time because often this one being more activated than another, right?


00:06:50,639 --> 00:06:59,079

Yes, exactly. So, and not that I know of, because the thing with the parasympatic nervous


00:06:59,079 --> 00:07:04,319

system activation, it comes from the diving response. So you need to submerge into water


00:07:04,319 --> 00:07:10,920

and you don't really do that other than from swimming, I guess, that I think it makes sense.


00:07:10,920 --> 00:07:17,719

If you want both activated at the same time, but but you can get this, I call it post swim


00:07:17,719 --> 00:07:23,920

as high. When you afterwards, if you're very happy and lightheaded and from the running


00:07:23,920 --> 00:07:29,360

and the hormones and and signaling in the brain. And you also get that from running, but


00:07:29,360 --> 00:07:36,080

you need to run a bit longer time to get the same runners high as you get from the high


00:07:36,080 --> 00:07:41,639

post swimmer's swimming high. But but you still get the same feeling afterwards of being


00:07:41,639 --> 00:07:48,319

happy and feeling good. So, so you can get that good feeling from other things than just


00:07:48,319 --> 00:07:52,240

winter swimming. But now we're only talking about the the brain right now. There are other


00:07:52,240 --> 00:07:55,400

things we in the in the body happening. So yeah.


00:07:55,399 --> 00:08:00,279

So talking about winter swimming, a question that I often get is like how cold I've been


00:08:00,279 --> 00:08:06,519

told between 12 and 14 degrees is where you get the majority of the benefit, but I haven't


00:08:06,519 --> 00:08:10,719

seen the references on it. Have you come across anything in your research about like when


00:08:10,719 --> 00:08:15,919

is it cold or like how cold is it when we do the studies?


00:08:15,919 --> 00:08:23,239

There is like a threshold on 15 degrees. So at 15 degrees and under you can call that


00:08:23,240 --> 00:08:28,360

cold water and cold water swimming. And that is where you get the most cold shot response.


00:08:28,360 --> 00:08:36,960

So from 15 degrees, Celsius, but I mean where you get the most benefits, I think you asked


00:08:36,960 --> 00:08:42,440

me that as well. I haven't seen studies looking at specific things and measuring at this


00:08:42,440 --> 00:08:50,560

temperature when you go in water at 12 degrees, you would get more benefit from what exactly.


00:08:50,559 --> 00:08:56,679

So I think there is a lot of claims out there saying that you if you went to swim at 12 degrees


00:08:56,679 --> 00:09:02,839

or something, then you get the most benefit. We don't know what degrees we should recommend


00:09:02,839 --> 00:09:08,399

anything or say here you get there's a window here. It's just cold water. We know from


00:09:08,399 --> 00:09:14,919

the studies performed in the laboratories and also a few wild swimming randomized control


00:09:14,919 --> 00:09:20,639

trials out there, but there is not much on it. And then you can just see what temperature


00:09:20,639 --> 00:09:26,639

did they measure from and in and the degrees varies a lot, but it's all cold water.


00:09:26,639 --> 00:09:31,839

From zero or four degrees and up to 15 degrees, that's cold water and that's where you get


00:09:31,839 --> 00:09:36,639

a cold shot response. That's also where you get activated your sympathetic nervous system


00:09:36,639 --> 00:09:43,360

and parasympatic nervous system. So I guess the benefits must be in that window when it's


00:09:43,360 --> 00:09:52,360

just cold water. Interesting. So I often try to look at like the 80-20, where do you get


00:09:52,360 --> 00:09:57,720

80% of a soul, 20% of the effort. And I think it's super fascinating when it comes to cold


00:09:57,720 --> 00:10:02,720

water because for some people it feels very uncomfortable. So it's 15 degrees enough because


00:10:02,720 --> 00:10:07,320

that's much more doable for them. For most people, especially if you haven't been practicing.


00:10:07,320 --> 00:10:12,240

Now I like to go down to even colder water. Also I have a sauna right next to close to where


00:10:12,240 --> 00:10:17,039

I live. So like going down to like that four or five or six degrees gives a different feeling


00:10:17,039 --> 00:10:21,840

like a bigger pressure on the body, but finding that threshold, but that might be for another


00:10:21,840 --> 00:10:29,759

PhD or research area. Definitely. I think that that could be, I'm not saying that there


00:10:29,759 --> 00:10:36,000

couldn't be some kind of benefit from going colder or warmer. I can't say whether it's


00:10:36,000 --> 00:10:39,879

better or good for something. There are so many things going on in the body when you


00:10:39,879 --> 00:10:45,559

go down in water. You need to look at it and I'll come and say it's, we are now measuring


00:10:45,559 --> 00:10:51,279

a lot sugar or we are measuring a hormone and saying, what if we go colder and what if we


00:10:51,279 --> 00:10:57,679

go warmer? So we can't really say just in general, you will benefit mostly from warmer


00:10:57,679 --> 00:11:03,360

colder water. You need to have a lot more studies on this topic to know exactly what is,


00:11:03,360 --> 00:11:11,240

just cold water is actually doing all these things that we see. So yeah. And how, so,


00:11:11,240 --> 00:11:16,960

and I guess it also depends on how much fat you have. If people are super skinny, it feels


00:11:16,960 --> 00:11:22,240

colder, at least that might be an open legend. When I was a small kid, I was extremely skinny


00:11:22,240 --> 00:11:26,240

and my parents took me to swimming and I would always come up being like my teeth will


00:11:26,240 --> 00:11:29,399

like cling together and pull me out of the swimming.


00:11:29,399 --> 00:11:35,919

Like that little pulling, it's like so cold, we're trying to feed him but he'd like


00:11:35,919 --> 00:11:42,079

he only wants to eat like no, no, no. So that might also has an effect, right? Make it


00:11:42,079 --> 00:11:46,919

even more hard to do the studies. What's your body composition?


00:11:46,919 --> 00:11:53,319

Yeah, so body composition is a big deal when it comes to habituation also. So there's


00:11:53,320 --> 00:12:00,720

been a very interesting study also in a obese subjects and also in lean subjects and


00:12:00,720 --> 00:12:07,040

now you measure also you mentioned the children. So there's been studies looking at children


00:12:07,040 --> 00:12:13,120

compared to healthy men and with the same BMI, the same fat percentage in the children


00:12:13,120 --> 00:12:18,840

in the end of the adults to see what if they go down in cold water, will the children


00:12:18,840 --> 00:12:24,440

get colder than compared to the adults? How can they stand the cold just as long as an


00:12:24,440 --> 00:12:32,680

adult? And the studies found actually the young boys were quicker cold but they maintained


00:12:32,680 --> 00:12:38,879

their core temperature just as well as the adults but they increased their metabolism


00:12:38,879 --> 00:12:45,240

more. So they had increased probably brown fat but we don't know but probably and also


00:12:45,240 --> 00:12:51,519

activation of their skeletal muscles to keep themselves warm. So this tells us that


00:12:51,519 --> 00:12:58,200

children can go with the swimming but they have a much smaller surface area compared


00:12:58,200 --> 00:13:04,320

to an adult so they can keep up the core temperature just as long as an adult which means they


00:13:04,320 --> 00:13:10,399

will increase the metabolism to keep themselves warm so they can stand just as long time but


00:13:10,399 --> 00:13:16,759

they need more energy to do it. They wouldn't be able to stay in the water as long time


00:13:16,759 --> 00:13:22,879

as an adult. So children can go in and dip but they need to go up really quickly as well


00:13:22,879 --> 00:13:28,480

to get warm. So I've been asked a lot about this question with children and I think it's


00:13:28,480 --> 00:13:32,959

really important actually that you brought it up also it's important that children are


00:13:32,959 --> 00:13:38,159

safe when they went to swim so at all should keep an eye and not let the children like


00:13:38,159 --> 00:13:42,480

swim a lot in the cold water. Yeah that actually leads to one of the next things I would


00:13:42,480 --> 00:13:47,039

love to discuss with you as a son is like so if you know 15 degrees that's cold water


00:13:47,039 --> 00:13:51,519

then like how long because I went to a Wimhoff event in London at the place you're being


00:13:51,519 --> 00:13:56,719

part of the team and we did all this breathing exercises in the cold water and we had to try


00:13:56,719 --> 00:14:00,480

it afterwards and I had seen like hundreds of people go into the water right and they were


00:14:00,480 --> 00:14:04,879

sitting there and doing like the two minutes which was the the thing that they were being put in


00:14:04,879 --> 00:14:08,639

and then we were sitting there afterwards and they didn't sell us a clock and we were of course


00:14:08,639 --> 00:14:13,439

trying to be like trough that we could be and now we've seen all these people that look like old and


00:14:14,480 --> 00:14:18,080

and like not in the best shape and so on they could stay there right we had it up being there


00:14:18,080 --> 00:14:22,080

for four minutes and then the guys were laughing at us afterwards being like you only need to


00:14:22,080 --> 00:14:26,159

and they were like you actually didn't need to stay that long because the frequency was struggling


00:14:26,159 --> 00:14:33,919

but it was kind of fun like two guys sitting there like yeah loving it we're loving it


00:14:33,919 --> 00:14:42,479

it's fantastic it's fantastic to sit here oh my god I have a picture where I look very relaxed


00:14:42,479 --> 00:14:48,000

my friend looks very like very precious but I look very relaxed in that one second that picture was


00:14:48,000 --> 00:14:54,079

taken but but we actually know was like true minutes is like I've been told that's where we get


00:14:54,079 --> 00:14:58,959

the majority of the health benefits and like much after two minutes just really gets the same


00:14:58,959 --> 00:15:00,719

have you seen any research on that?


00:15:00,720 --> 00:15:11,040

no but I mean there is no in cold water immersion I haven't really seen that no but there are a


00:15:11,040 --> 00:15:19,040

study showing that if you do cold showers for 30 seconds per day you will increase your immune


00:15:19,040 --> 00:15:25,200

system so you would be less sick so I think the two minutes I don't know I'm not really sure where


00:15:25,200 --> 00:15:32,000

it comes from but I would really like to see why it's actually two minutes so I will go hunting


00:15:32,000 --> 00:15:35,600

for some of my friends that might have told me because I've been selling my friends from


00:15:35,600 --> 00:15:39,200

you've been out doing the winter swimming they're like yeah guys you just need to stay two minutes


00:15:39,200 --> 00:15:44,480

I think it might have been from the guys up in Finland there's a lot of research going both


00:15:44,480 --> 00:15:49,680

from the suners and cold water in Finland but I'll try and find see if I can is the actually a


00:15:49,680 --> 00:15:54,160

study on that there's so many open legends out there about health that's why I really try with


00:15:54,159 --> 00:15:59,199

the podcast as well thinking about like this is do we like where does it come from just like


00:15:59,199 --> 00:16:05,279

the habit to take 21 days turns out to be like it came from a plastic surgeon that kind of something


00:16:05,279 --> 00:16:09,600

about when they would be feeling more normal and kind of set it in one context and got


00:16:09,600 --> 00:16:13,759

re-explained and re-explained and now everyone knows like it takes 21 days to build a habit where it's like


00:16:15,039 --> 00:16:20,639

who said that what yeah yeah what where did that come from right yeah so it just takes a turn and


00:16:20,639 --> 00:16:28,799

takes a turn and then it's yeah and then everybody says it but yeah I guess but the habituation is


00:16:28,799 --> 00:16:35,279

actually habituation means that you get adapted to the cold water so you can stop hyperventilating so


00:16:36,399 --> 00:16:43,279

what happens when you go into the cold water for the first time is a very interesting I think and


00:16:43,279 --> 00:16:48,879

and amazing so when you go into the water your body will almost scream at you and asking you what


00:16:48,879 --> 00:16:54,639

are you doing it feels like you're dying so it's like the dog is like what the fuck are you doing


00:16:54,639 --> 00:17:02,000

it get me out of this are you insane yeah yeah yeah get out get out yeah so it screams at you and the


00:17:02,000 --> 00:17:08,079

reaction is that you hyperventilate because it calls for help you need to get up from the water and


00:17:08,079 --> 00:17:15,200

usually people do they jump off after one second and it's wise because it's your reflex you need


00:17:15,200 --> 00:17:21,759

to survive this so hyperventilation if someone is like what what does that mean yeah so hyperventilation


00:17:21,759 --> 00:17:27,360

is when your breathing goes really fast and the the best thing about that is that you can't really


00:17:28,160 --> 00:17:34,640

fill up your lungs enough and then you will only have like small breathings which really doesn't


00:17:34,640 --> 00:17:40,960

give you enough oxygen in your body so you can faint if it stays that way but usually people jump


00:17:40,960 --> 00:17:47,440

off again I've never seen it as a problem people never stay there in the first time but the good


00:17:47,440 --> 00:17:53,200

thing is that when you try this the first time the body has already learned a lot because it was


00:17:53,200 --> 00:18:00,480

such a big shock for the body and that it already adapted after the first time so when you go the next


00:18:00,480 --> 00:18:08,559

time you will be in less panic also because there's water it's super cold you also a bit excited


00:18:08,559 --> 00:18:13,200

and maybe a little bit nervous so you have a little bit of a higher pulse and blood pressure so


00:18:13,200 --> 00:18:18,879

the next time it will be a little bit more calm and the body will react a little less stressful


00:18:18,879 --> 00:18:25,279

but still you wouldn't maybe measure or tell the difference but after three times and four one


00:18:25,279 --> 00:18:32,319

five then you start to actually feel that the body doesn't react as stressful as it was the first


00:18:32,319 --> 00:18:39,679

time and that's when habituation is starting so habituation to the cold water happens in your


00:18:39,679 --> 00:18:47,279

metabolism so that is your energy expenditure and your hormones but it's also in your skin so


00:18:47,279 --> 00:18:53,679

blood flow to the skin and the norapan effr and some which is released as one of the major


00:18:53,680 --> 00:19:02,240

minds in the body when you go in cold water that will also help you contract your blood vessels


00:19:02,240 --> 00:19:09,920

in your skin so there's a lot of physiology that increases when you get adapted to the cold water


00:19:10,480 --> 00:19:17,920

so habituation if you have gone four or five times you will notice the difference but if you feel


00:19:17,920 --> 00:19:23,120

after first the second time that you didn't really like winter swimming I would advise going


00:19:23,119 --> 00:19:29,359

a few times more and then you will feel more you might end up loving it so you end up loving it


00:19:29,359 --> 00:19:34,319

exactly yeah like how you explain like feel also when the winter season starts again the first time


00:19:34,319 --> 00:19:43,279

some like my body is like dude like how did you get this awful idea and then after a few times I'm like


00:19:44,479 --> 00:19:50,239

and like that feeling is just like it's magical you get down there you learn to breathe


00:19:50,240 --> 00:19:55,039

properly for me breathing learning how to do that probably was also like the key if I go down and like


00:19:55,680 --> 00:20:00,559

but if I go down so I do it in the working then my body is like not deep either so I can sit down


00:20:01,039 --> 00:20:06,400

and I can just breathe easily and kind of it totally changes the feeling in the body and the feeling


00:20:06,400 --> 00:20:14,480

of getting up afterwards is just like undescribable of the entire body just like getting like waking up


00:20:14,480 --> 00:20:20,480

or feeling alive and like it's yeah it's absolutely fantastic but it's not absolutely fantastic


00:20:20,480 --> 00:20:29,039

the first time I I love this story that you tell because it can be explained physiologically as well


00:20:29,039 --> 00:20:34,799

because what is actually happening when you go down in the water and you get control of your breathing