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Coming Soon: April 2023 Neurodiversity Times Magazine; Submissions now accepted

Neurodiversity Times Magazine

Our goal is to allow neurodivergent folks that are writers and artists to have their work published. It can be a difficult road navigating publishing, so we are trying to bridge that gap. Too often autistic other neurodivergent adults lose out on the opportunity to say their creative voice.

The magazine will include written and visual arts of neurodivergent creative minds!

A magazine by neurodivergents for neurodivergents!

Deadline to submit is March 15th, 2023

For submission information:


Neurodiversity Times is accepting submissions for the April 2023 issue under the theme of EMBRACING AUTHENTICITY. Living authentically as an autistic or otherwise neurodivergent person isn't easy. Roadblocks surround your journey. However, through perseverance you overcome and live your life as you wish.

We want to see your art, read your words of trials and successes!

How do you choose to embrace your unique self in a world that doesn't always accept you?


  • Poetry

  • Articles on neurodivergent life

  • Visual art

  • Creative nonfiction

  • Short stories

Please follow the prompts on the form to learn the guidelines and complete your submission. For any form issues please contact:



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