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Different Brains Fighting and Preventing Neurodiverse burnout Tuesday May 31 Free Virtual Panel

Topic: Fighting & Preventing Neurodiverse Burnout | DB Speaker Series

Description: is excited to present our latest virtual panel "Fighting & Preventing Neurodiverse Burnout" Join us as our panel of experts share their unique, neurodiverse perspectives, while offering tools and tips for recognizing, fighting, and preventing burnout. NOTE: This event will have live captions generated by A recording will be made available to everyone that registers. Our panelists: - DR. MARSHA D. BROWN (Forensic & Clinical Psychologist / Host of Self-Care Chronicles Podcast / - SEAN INDERBITZEN (Autism Self-Advocate / Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Therapist / - BROOKE SCHNITTMAN (ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach / Co-Host of ADHD Power Tools / - KATIE OSWALD (Autism Self-Advocate/ Founder of Full Spectrum Agency For Autistic Adults / Our moderator: - ALI IDRISS (ADHD Self-Advocate / Writer / Co-Host of ADHD Power Tools) For more about 501(C)(3) nonprofit Different Brains, visit:

TimeMay 31, 2022 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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Hello, Thank you for visiting Everything Neurodiversity. This site is a passion project of mine. The hosting costs are minimal and I try to dedicate time to it whenever I can. I intend to keep this site as educational and ad free. 

I have learned a great deal from working on this site and the social platforms that go along with it. So much that I have started another site dedicated to building a more sustainable and easier fashion shopping expiereince. It has recently been selected for sponsorship in the Microsoft Founders Hub Program and I'm excited for the new developments this will enable. The first 10,000 users who make a purchase through the site will get lifetime Premier Status enabling rewards up to 17%! Check it out here: RunwayRewards.Shop or browse the integrated page below: 

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