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Employee Resource Groups Tools | SharePoint Human Resources HR for Office 365 Template

See a short demo of SP HR for Office 365 from SP Marketplace.


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SP human resources are SP HR and out of the box Human Resources template for SharePoint which can run in the cloud on Office 365 or on premise. Sp HR is part of the SP business suite of products. The HR module is what this video will focus on. Sp HR provides a site for HR staff to track employee information hiring reviews and more employees can use the employee portal to submit and review service requests use self service features to update their information and access HR resources, documents, policies, etc. and contact the HR staff features include a full featured HR help desk for managing service requests, and employee portal to access HR services and resources and do self service a knowledge base for end users and or staff employee information management to track all employee information including certifications, renewals, and other things end to end hiring from the applicant process all the way through to new employee onboarding, performance review, management and benefit plans tracking sphr Well, one site template in SharePoint is actually two portals. For the employees. It's an employee portal, where they can submit service requests track their employee information, as well as access different documents such as policies and so on. For the staff. It's a full featured HR site where they can track employee information do the hiring performance reviews, as well as take a look at employee information through dashboards and track new service requests. Let's take a look at a demonstration to see how you can turn a standard SharePoint team site into a full featured HR

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site. Welcome to the HR departmental template by SP marketplace, built for office 365. Like most of our modules, it comes with an end user portal to that staff are automatically redirected to if they are not a member of the department's permission group. It is here that the end users can put in a request to HR view knowledge base articles, take a survey and even see tasks that they may have been assigned by the HR team. They can follow upon their reviews, see what policies they need to acknowledge, follow up on requests that they have made, and even see interviews that have been made on their behalf by the HR team. The HR module is quite extensive. And it includes but it's not limited to the Bay area for staff to handle any tickets that are received by the HR department, a full hiring process from the initial requisition to receiving applicants underestimates, creating candidates, setting up interviews and keeping a track of all the candidate feedback. And that has a full onboarding area where you can automate tasks for the on boards and notify staff around the organization that a new onboard is underway. You can keep a track of performance appraisals through here or so a full policy management area where you can not only develop new policies, but publish those policies and view the acknowledgments of the staff. A full benefits tracking, we can keep a track of not only a different benefit plans, but who is on what plan. And of course it has its own dashboard for reporting purposes as well. Or so the team has its own area to handle announcements, its own calendar, staff scheduling, documents area, its own discussion board, and an area for managers to store their documents and employee documents series is well. Plus it also comes with a new hire portal that you're able to make available to your in use staff where they can not only sketch a welcome letter, they can provide the new hire information, they can download documents that they might need to supply they can submit those documents, see tasks and also the benefits that are available to them.

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To learn more about this product, or other SP marketplace modules go to SP marketplace comm there you can sign up for a live demo for your entire team to see As well as see the other modules, videos, screen tours and other resources that may be useful to you sp

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