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How an EdTech Startup is Transforming Schools for Neurodivergent Students

Have you ever wanted to know how an EdTech startup is transforming schools for neurodivergent students? Well, you are in luck as this week we discover the journey behind FullSpektrum with our amazing guest, Andre Skepple.

00:00 - Intro

02:15 - About FullSpektrum

13:13 - How FullSpektrum is supporting neurodivergent employees in a corporate environment (bonus message to investors)

18:00 - Personalised learning and why it is important for neurodivergent students

22:06 - Large digital transformation pilot run by Fullspektrum

24:05 - How schools can join the fully-funded pilot

28:00 - Entrepreneurship - the highs and lows

32:00 - Fundraising as a black founder

🚨 About our host Naily Makangu 🚨

Naily Makangu, also known as The Mary Poppins of Startups, is the founder of Athena Leaders. She loves sharing her secrets as a Tech Consultant & Startup Advisor with a proven track record of kickstarting your product development and delivering results to meet your KPIs and your business goals.

🚨 About our guest Andre Skipple 🚨

André is the visionary Founder & CEO of FullSpektrum Ltd, change-makers in education, health and social care for all people experiencing acute hurdles within their learning & development. As a young and rapidly evolving tech start-up company, they are truly dedicated to delivering better value, improved outcomes and social impact to localised education and integrated care ecosystems throughout the country and beyond, particularly supporting neurodivergent learners that have been identified with Special Educational Needs (SEN). André is also a specialist in applied biosciences, IT systems management and diagnostic platform development, with a MSc by Research degree in Subjects Allied to Medicine (Applied Microbiology), alongside an impactful voluntary teaching career for more than 8 years at a supplementary Saturday school for children of Afro-Caribbean descent. At FullSpektrum, André now leads a multidisciplinary team of digital transformation strategists, product designers, software engineers, solution architects, data scientists, specialist educational professionals and multi-agency service management specialists, dedicated to initialising technology-based reforms in SEND & integrated care services at the institutional, local and national level. André created FullSpektrum following his own personal hurdles in education, employment and training with severe dyspraxia and dyslexia after waiting 5 years for a formal diagnosis and SEN support plan since first requesting it. Drawing on his technical backgrounds in biotechnology, life sciences, holistic innovation and digital diagnostics, he has since dedicated the last four years in researching, designing, testing and assembling his unique technology-based SEND transformation concept since FullSpektrum's incorporation.

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