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How to learn about you and neurodiversity

Discovering one's self is a rewarding but often confusing journey. One aspect of that includes understanding your neurodiversity. Today we often don't have the time or understanding to do this.

It's a difficult task, full of a number of different options.

here in part 1, we will cover a quick 30 min online quiz you can take to understand your empathy/systems balance.

Knowing where you compare in terms of your emapthy and system processing engines is a great start to understanding yourself.

Extreme Type E and want to learn more about systems? One easy way is to look for engineering and systems related courses. You can find them online for free or even practice problems. Here is one example:

Extreme Type S and want to learn more about empathy? Same rule applies! There are also a lot of resources and books available, both paid and free:


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Hello, Thank you for visiting Everything Neurodiversity. This site is a labor of love and has been run solely by me. The hosting costs are minimal and I try to dedicate time to it whenever I can. I intend to keep this site as educational and ad free. 

I have learned a great deal from working on this site and the social platforms that go along with it. So much that I have started another site dedicated to fashion and clothing. Trying to make shopping for clothes easier if you will. I have curated close to a million items and build a web application to search and display them. It's still a work in progress, but If you are here I wanted to extend an invite to test and explore the beta version. Its embed below or available at

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