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Lauren Ancona - A Sensory-Based Framework for Understanding Neurodivergence

A post from Lauren Ancona on Twitter takes a great look at understanding sensory frameworks.


a non-pathologizing way to communicate about neurodivergent lived experiences that are not well-represented by currently available neuroconforming concepts or language

a way for *all humans* to communicate about sensory experiences that can be used to exchange information between neurotypes without upholding domination of one type by another

[ giving birth to idea babies is extremely disconcerting for me; I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like this before. it’s somehow part of unmasking, for me. whoa. ]

Neurological Sensory Mixing Board

Another thing that makes talking about sensory experiences difficult - even between neurodivergents - is that you can be too sensitive or not sensitive enough (relative to the environment + your needs)

So the first key concept I use is that of a sound mixing board. Why? Because zero is *in the middle*.

The mixing board gives us a way to relate our experiences without centering some externally-defined concept of “normal.” It simply represents our need, as guided by our experience.

It’s also a tool to guide a self-inventory / awareness of state, especially for those of us for whom proprioception is difficult or taxing.

(the graphic is intended as a conceptual sketch, not literal )

[ also I meant interoception two tweets back, I have a stuck bit somewhere where I reverse those two every time even though I almost always mean interoception ]

The last piece the mixing board gives us is a way to directly articulate the difference between our needs and our environment. Needs are non-negotiable, no matter what anyone else thinks we "should" feel. WE have to bear the discomfort when they are not met.


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