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LinkedIn Discussing DEI initiatives

For my autistic colleagues, if you feel comfortable sharing:

When it comes to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, there is a wide variety of both initiatives and quality.

I’m curious to hear from autistics about their first-hand experiences with organizations’ DEI initiatives - including what:

- worked well

- worked ok, but could have been better

- did not work that great, but didn’t make things worse

- did not work well, but could have been worse

- possibly made things more challenging

I’m really interested in hearing what the DEI intended to do to increase access, diversity, inclusion, equality, etc. for anyone, but specifically the results of those initiatives through autistic perspectives.

My aim is for a fruitful dialogue to better understand differing perspectives. All responses are valid. This is a judgment-free zone.




Its rather common to find that few DEI groups have heard of neurodiversity


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