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marketing outreach coordinator

739307712 # Marketing Outreach Coordinator Full-time FULL_TIME 2017-10-30T14:33:16-0500 ##

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The primary responsibility is to co-manage an integrated marketing communications plan for Easterseals autism services. The individual researches, analyzes, plans and evaluates ways to enhance, strengthen and create exchanges with our target audiences. The individual will deliver messages that are noticed, embraced and remembered by the target audiences and that reinforce the brand. By working collaboratively on a team, the individual will identify, strengthen and cultivate relationships with these audiences. ##

Basic Responsibilities:

* Co-manage an integrated marketing communications plan for Easterseals autism services to advance brand identity; broaden awareness of programs and priorities; and increase the visibility of programs across defined target audiences; and develop a strong understanding of our competition.

* Collaborate and connect with stakeholders, such as served and unserved school districts, businesses, partner organizations, donors, employees, current and prospective clients and families, etc.

* Sets and manages clear and measurable goals, objectives and tactics to strengthen initiatives, improve results and demonstrate the value of outreach efforts.

* Develops and uses a thoughtful data collection system to track outcomes across programs, including tools, such as Raiser’s Edge and other metrics and analytics.

* Designs a system for geographically targeting and tracking served and unserved school districts, partner organizations, competitors, etc. to help set Easterseals apart from others in the competitive landscape.

* Collaborate directly with leadership, program managers, staff and families to develop and implement an integrated marketing communications plan for Easterseals autism services.

* Work in a collaborative environment to develop compelling, relevant and valuable content to reinforce Easterseals’ position as subject matter experts in the field of autism services.

* Manage a 12-month editorial calendar for autism programs that attracts, educates and motivates target audiences to engage with Easterseals.

* Provides families and other community members with resources and referrals. * Participates in all of autism services’ quarterly leadership meetings and serves annually as a facilitator for a committee.

* Assists with the strategic planning and business goal development and implementation to promote the programs and ensure growth and expansion of services.

* Networks with a wide variety of governmental and community agencies to develop new community programs, increase community awareness, and share information about new services.

* Coordinates the development and distribution of autism services newsletters with input from the programs.

* Analyzes the needs of currently served and unserved communities.

* Assists in the coordination of internal and external distribution of marketing communications.

* Maintains ongoing communication with current and prospective consumers for new, existing, or undeveloped service lines.

* Researches, plans and participates in networking and community outreach events to promote the autism programs.

* Participates in hiring and recruiting fairs on behalf of autism services. * All other duties as assigned. ## Qualifications:

* Bachelor's degree in communications, marketing, or a related field is required. Experience Required:

* At least three years of relevant experience.

* Excellent technology skills. Required Knowledge:

* Extensive knowledge of all programs and services and their practices, policies and procedures. Vehicle/Transportation Requirements:

* Valid driver’s license.

* Auto insurance.

* Reliable vehicle. Skills/Abilities:

* Must be available to attend frequent out of office meetings with flexibility required for occasional evenings and weekends.

* Experience developing, organizing and managing action plans and projects.

* Takes initiative to actively collaborate with others.

* Exceptional analytical, written, oral, interpersonal and presentation skills and the ability to effectively interface with diverse audiences.

* Knowledge and ability to anticipate, identify, and define problems; seek root causes; and develop timely and practical solutions.

* Ability to work on a team, make decisions in a changing environment and anticipate future needs of a fast-paced organization

* Experience using tools to collect, analyze, distribute, and display data.

* Energetic, flexible, proactive individual with a passion for Easterseals’ mission. ADA: Easter Seals will make reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. Unless exempted by the Americans with Disabilities Act, all persons hired for this position are required to possess the ability to perform the physical tasks necessary to treat clients, i.e., bending, floor-sitting, etc., as well as to have the ability to lift up to 50 pounds frequently


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