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McKinsey & Company | Diversity & Inclusion at McKinsey

You are unique and we need you. Learn more about why diversity is a way of life at McKinsey.


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I'm an Indian classical vocalist and percussionist, I am black. I'm gay. I'm from the Caribbean. I'm a white guy who mainly works in Nigeria. I know semiconductor. Everything. I was a prostate cancer researcher, I have three kids and I'm working part time.

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McKinsey should be the most rich source of talent in the world. As a result, we

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have to be the most diverse possible firm. For an individual, it's about reaching your full potential, feeling included, and able to work at your best and be your best in serving our clients. For our team, it

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means including a broad range of perspectives to come up with not a good answer, not a great answer, but a really distinctive answer that moves our client forward, I can recall a team I'm working with at the moment, where we have a couple of colleagues from Asia, we have people who grew up in very deprived parts of the former Soviet Union, we have people who went to public schools in England. And we even have people like myself who grew up in Scotland. And when you put all that together, and you think about the range of experiences that are informing the way, we're tackling a problem, I think we're unbeatable.

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I remember going to a client, this is a government client. And we were invited to come talk to them. And I have to say, We walked in the door with a woman and Indian black. It was all over the place. And I talked to the people afterwards. And they said, you know, we expected a bunch of white guys, frankly, and it was disarming to see you walk in the room, as diverse as you were. And it changed. It caused us to rethink our assumptions about you and actually to listen to you.

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Diversity and Inclusion is absolutely critical for people mission. Because we know that despite having 1000s and 1000s of applicants every year, it's hard to find the most talented people and to get the people who are really going to make a contribution to the firm and be at home here. We need the most talented people that come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. And if we don't actually deliberately reach out to those groups, and make everyone feel included, we're not going to get them

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having diverse teams, different perspectives, welcoming different perspectives. I think that's critical to the impact we have with clients. We want the best people and we want to develop the best people. We want the best people to be motivated, happy enjoying working here. And I think an inclusive environment is absolutely key for that.

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