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Meet a Student with Asperger's Syndrome Your Story


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I'm not alone in this, a lot of people go through this, that actually motivates me a lot.

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His behavior was typical of a child with really Asperger's. I mean, Anthony has gotten so much better, that through the years with a lot of therapy, a lot of patient, his parents understand that he does need to develop more independence in terms of, you know, getting to school by himself and getting back in he is doing that

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I've gotten used to waking up an alarm less once, that's one thing. I've gotten used to being in a much bigger University,

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he gets a C or higher, he has done it all by himself. He's kept the tools to be successful. The piece that's missing is the job part.

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There are things that I need to work on, I'm gonna be honest with you, time management and money management. But I feel like I will overcome those in time, even with the condition that I have.

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My ultimate dream is that Anthony has a job that in the future that he gets up every day to do something that he likes to share his life with somebody because he does want that. He tells me that all the time. Parents always had faith in him. They believed in him and he knew it and they believe in himself as a result.

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Really big dreams. The edge of the universe is the limit. The possibilities are always expanding. Your story segments Brought to you in part by the Brunetti Foundation.

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