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UC Davis mind institute

This panel will feature self-advocates, parents, and professionals sharing their perspectives on how multiple identities impact life experiences and relationships.


I wish that Ehlers Danlos Syndrome had been more fully emphasized and explained. This is a HUGELY misdiagnosed and understood condition. MANY are also autistic and non cis. MIND Institute needs to put WAY more work into EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME as one of the major Genetics Facilities in Northern CA and all of the EDS specialists are on the East Coast. I have been a patient at the Mind Institute for 5 years with disappointing lack of EDS Awareness. Hoping you will consider the upcoming EDS Echo Summit upcoming to highlight for the Mind Institute, and expand research beyond JUST Autism since there are so many other undiagnosed invisible genetic illnesses such as EDS with its many cofactors that sadly goes undiagnosed and undertreated, even by the hundreds of specialists we are sent to for conditions we do not have. This could so easily be so much better for so many hundreds of thousands of patients in just the West Coast alone....


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Hello, Thank you for visiting Everything Neurodiversity. This site is a passion project of mine. The hosting costs are minimal and I try to dedicate time to it whenever I can. I intend to keep this site as educational and ad free. 

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