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Museum of Moving Image (MoMI) Marvels of Media Awards

Are you an autistic media-maker? Do you know an autistic media-maker? Then submit to the Museum of Moving Image (MoMI) Marvels of Media Awards! Click the link below.

MoMI is honoring autistic media-makers with the Marvels of Media Awards. In March 2023, MoMI will launch an awards ceremony, followed by a free, public film festival featuring selected works of honorees.

Marvels of Media at Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) is the very first media awards ceremony, festival, and exhibit to celebrate media-makers on the autism spectrum. The open call for the first edition of this annual program received 3,071 nominations from 117 countries. Twenty media works were chosen for awards in 12 categories.

Award categories included: Animated Short, Collaborative Innovation, Digital Art, Documentary, Experimental Film, Mockumentary, Narrative Feature, Narrative Short, Series, Video Game, Student Animated Short, and Student Video Game.

MoMI’s Marvels of Media was developed by Museum of the Moving Image in partnership with Sapan Studio. Josh Sapan is a member of the Museum’s Board of Trustees. Through Marvels of Media, MoMI supports the creative endeavors of media-makers on the spectrum, of all ages and backgrounds.

Presented with support from Sapan Studios.

Call for Nominations

MoMI is launching the open call for nominations for the second annual Marvels of Media Awards. On March 30, 2023, MoMI will present an awards ceremony celebrating the selected works of honorees followed by the opening of the exhibition. This accompanying exhibition will share the creativity, leadership, and artistry of these honorees, providing a perspective of media-making through the lens of autism. In April, MoMI will present a free, public film festival.

Apply by January 31, 2023!

Click here to nominate a film or media work. (Use code MARVELS to waive the submission fee on Film Freeway.)

Click here to nominate a video game.

Special thanks to this year’s Steering Committee of artists, spokespeople on the autism spectrum, and experts in the field who help to guide and produce this program:

Miranda Lee, arts administrator, consultant, and educator Brian Canha, parent advocate Justin Canha media artist Lindsey Biel, occupational therapist and author Maylin Pavletic, writer/comedian Jackson Mark Tucker-Meyer, filmmaker and playwright Yaara Kedem, film event producer, programmer, and accessibility consultant Jason Weissbrod, co-founder of Spectrum Laboratory Jessye Herrell, manager of curricula and instruction at The Knowledge House Halenur Komsul, work-based learning coordinator at Tech Kids Unlimited Pat Schissel, New York Director of Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) Paola Quintero, JD, MAAEd, visual storyteller and educator David Siegel, Executive Director of Exceptional Minds Rosa Martínez, President and Founder of Strokes of Genius, Inc.

This year, the Museum has established the Marvels of Media Advisory Council featuring industry leaders including media executive William J. Abbott; executive producer Rich Battista; neurodiversity advocate Wendy Belzberg; President of Landmark College Peter Eden; media executive David Epstein; producer Brian Grazer; media entrepreneur John Hendricks; President of the Jim Henson Foundation Cheryl Henson; Executive Director of New York State Council on the Arts Mara Manus; media executive Judy McGrath; CEO of CableLabs Phil McKinney; media executive Josh Sapan; journalist Paula Zahn; media entrepreneur Strauss Zelnick; and director Tony Spiridakis. 

Click here for information on the past exhibition.

Click here for information on the past festival programming.


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