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Music | Positive Energy Binaural Beats 777Hz and the Science of Solfeggio Frequencies

777 Hz + 432 Hz Attract Positivity, Luck, Abundance: Reprogram your Mind for Success - Binaural Beats

Finalized Thesis statement: Sound healing is effective in healing physical, generational and emotional trauma in our DNA using vibrations and frequencies. Finalized Purpose statement: This research paper intends to educate individuals on how they can use music therapy, electromagnetic sound frequencies and Solfeggio Sound science to heal mind, body and spirit. We will research Sound healing using solfeggio frequencies and how it can be an effective tool in heal generational trauma and DNA. Abstract: This research assignment examines the role of music and solfege tones as sound healing modalities on a variety of mental, emotional and physical ailments. The information was compiled from 3 websites, 1 book and 3 academic journals/Research thesis as well as 1 documentary all focused on sound healing. Information on the significance of archetypal sounds/symbols/shapes on our subconscious is very limited although evidence of their use can be traced back centuries into time. The findings determined that scientific studies have proven that "atoms vibrate against each other to form a molecule and those atoms and molecules have signature vibrational waves that can be measured in Hertz. Archetypal sounds, such as solfeggio frequencies are measured in Hertz and have been correlated with our modern sound scale, "shape-note singing", gregorian chants, instruments and physiological response patterns. The role of sound and music in mind-body mechanisms, consciousness, communication, and emotion are explored through a wide range of notable mathematic, scientific, and evidence-based theories. This research identifies the frequency of shapes and numbers and note that early Solfege notation was written as shapes, called solfege singing or shape-note singing. There are many different mediums used to access solfeggio frequency healing through sound vibrations. Sound studies monitor subconscious responses to sound by monitoring their influence on heart rate, as well as monitoring the emotional & mental state on participants prior to and after administering sound therapy. The results determined that music and sound is useful for enhancing therapies to transform the brain and relieve mental, emotional, and physical suffering.


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