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Neuroclastic - Neurodiversity Hiring Initiatives: Are They Failing Autistics?

Article by Samantha Craft

June 6, 2019



I work for a technological company that takes into consideration the implications of autism hiring initiatives. We work collaboratively to provide a transparent and fair recruitment process, make available free online resources, and maintain consistent communication with job seekers and employees.

An autistic and a parent of an autistic both largely oversee the recruitment process and sourcing outreach. 70% of our employees are autistic or have a similar profile.

I have served as a community manager, senior recruiter, and outreach specialist. Outside of the company, I am a respected autism advocate, community leader, and author. I am a retired educator and mother of three, one whom is on the spectrum. Personally, I have been diagnosed with Aspergers, giftedness, and I have dyslexia.

Where I work, we have frank and uncomfortable talks about what’s working and what’s not. We strive to make sure the autistic voice is heard and valued.

We don’t always get it right, and there are growing pains, but we try our best. Team members try to understand the autistic perspective. We hope that all the employees, including the autistic employees, will succeed.

Through the years, outside of my personal vocations, outside the ‘walls’ from which I work, I’ve been witness to practices involving autism hiring initiatives that have been upsetting.

I’ve sat back for years, now, and wrestled with the idea of sharing some of my observations. I’ve called out some practices, contacting those responsible, explaining professionally my perception and concerns. I haven’t been silent, but I am only one person, and an autistic woman at that.


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