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Recorded and originally aired: 20th February 2021, 20:00

BST/London; 12:00 PST: *Neurodivergent relationships: Aucademy educating with Chloe, Alice, Tanya, and Jeanne* We created this video for free, but we would welcome a very small donation so that we may pay the speakers for their time and work.

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non-detailed mention of grooming; non-consensual sexual experiences; swearing In this session, four Autistic (otherwise neurodivergent) people discuss their perspectives on the differences between neurodivergent and neurotypical relationships; cross-neurotype relationships; the pitfalls and strengths of same neurotype and cross neurotype relationships; and maybe touching on the intersectionality of LGBTQIA+ relationships in the ND community e.g. polyamory, bisexuality etc. Guest speaker details: Tanya Adkin is SEND Advocate. Tanya is also a late identified Autistic, ADHD (possibly PDA), single parent to two Autistic/PDA/ADHD children. Jeanne Revest has spent many years in education as an educator. Jeanne had an unplanned interlude as a diplomat, and has been involved in social development work (including helping to set up and develop a supported accommodation service for young asylum seekers), and her next project (when Covid allows) is working on coral reef restoration and sustainable livelihoods in Madagascar. Jeanne thrives on variety, life being one long adventure, and doing things her way – if she had to have a motto, it might be ""expect the unexpected"", both of life and of herself! Alice Conroy: “Neuro-divergent Mother. CEO. Thinker in pictures. Ultra rule-breaker. Founder and CEO, over two decades, of a successful social purpose business working across the Southeast, which specialises in supporting care experienced young people, particularly from a refugee and asylum seeker background. Social entrepreneur, pioneer and business leader. Highly imaginative, creative thinker and innovator. Neurodiversity advocate. Cat lover. Tea drinker. Rule-breaker. Story-teller. Searcher. Proud mum. **Please note we are not clinicians or diagnosticians**

Dr Chloe Farahar - Autistic academic, educator, and self-advocate Pages for speakers: Tanya Adkin: Aucademy: FB website: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram:

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