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neurodiversity and wellbeing in job searching and work

Updated: Jul 23, 2021


According to Harvard Business Review, the unemployment rate for the neurodiverse population can run as high as 80%, having difficulty making it past the interview stage.

Also a challenging part of job searching for both neurodiverse and neurotypical job seekers is maintaining wellbeing during the process which can often stretch into several months, or at times, years. I’m looking forward to discussing these topics in-depth with Julie Turney this week on #OfficeHours.

Julie is an HR influencer with 15+ years of experience in HR, who works with leadership to create people-first cultures by designing customer-focused work that inspires people to bring their best self to work. She is also a coach, who specializes in working with HR professionals. As well, Julie has first-hand insight into neurodiversity in the workplace. Not only that, but Julie is the host of HR Sound Off Podcast which I was lucky to be interviewed on myself! On Thursday, April 22 at 8pm EST, I’ll have the chance to interview Julie, tapping into her expertise and insights with Qs including:

💡 What do you think are some of the biggest challenges neurodiverse job seekers face? 💡 What can neurodiverse job seekers do in order to increase their job search success? 💡 What are some of the mental health challenges that job seekers encounter? 💡 How can job seekers take care of their wellbeing, particularly their mental health, during a long job search? We’ll also be taking your questions as usual! ---

Make sure to tune into this episode of Office Hours S2 Episode 16, with Julie Turney and me, LinkedIn Top Voice, Kamara Toffolo. #neurodiversity #mentalhealth


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