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Monday Aug 23 | Autism @ Work 2021 | Employer Panel

Notes and Highlights:

Key Points:

  • Sehida Frawley SAP - programs often have multiple benefits such as | different way of recognizing skills people have and bringing them into our talent pool

  • Integrating Autism@Work into mainstream early talent program.

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  • Rajesh Anandan -

Key Resources mentioned:

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Key Closing Takeway:

This panel session will include employer representatives from ANZ, SAP, SunPork, the Australian Federal Department of Home Affairs and Ultranauts, in the US, sharing their experiences on how to achieve sustainable employment and sustainable programs. Panelists will reflect on what aspects of their own programs help to make them sustainable and scalable.


notes from Keynote Monday August 23 Autism@Work Vritual Summit






My scientifical mind just classify it as a different brain and different needs, but society still have a long walk through it, specially eliminating the word disorder.

Decoding Autism and Leading the Way to Successful Inclusion

More professionals on the autism spectrum are taught in general settings today than ever before, bringing an array of notable strengths and skills that add intriguing new dimensions to workplace. But these professionals also present challenges that are broader, deeper, and more intractable than those of their typically developing peers. Because leading professionals on the autism spectrum in an inclusive environment complicates the work, leaders must be prepared to provide knowledgeable, mindful leadership.



Great to tune into the Employer Panel at this years Autism@Work Summit to hear experiences of how orgs have navigated and continued programs for employees with autism during COVID-19.

📌 Neurodiverse individuals will surprise you with their adaptability!
📌 Online engagement tools can help with loneliness when WFH
📌 Learning of the growing number of employers harnessing the strengths of neurodiverse individuals!



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