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Neurodiversity Celebration Week - March 13 - 19

From March 13th to 19th, 2023, join the Neurodiversity Celebration Week and attend 24 virtual events, all free of charge and open to everyone. With over 70 speakers, including professionals, advocates, and individuals with lived experiences, explore diverse topics such as neuroinclusion in the workplace, neurodiversity in education, and the benefits of neurodiversity. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate different minds and learn more about neurodiversity. Register now!

📅 Full timetable and registration 👇

Taking place from the 13th - 19th March 2023, there are 24 events across the week. To reach the widest possible audience, all events are virtual, free of charge and open to all.

With over 70 speakers coming together (more to be uploaded to the website soon), we plan to offer educational and inspiring conversations through sharing lived experience, as well as the expertise of professionals and advocates working in the field.

Some of the topics of our panel discussions include:

🌟 The Language of Neurodiversity hosted by Aidan Healy

🌟 Creating a Neuroinclusive Classroom hosted by Prof. Amanda Kirby

🌟 Building a Neurodiversity-friendly Workplace Culture hosted by Aidan Healy

🌟 Neuroinclusion in Further & Higher Education hosted by Pete Quinn

🌟 Two different panels on Neurodiversity for Parents and Carers – one hosted by Prof. Amanda Kirby and the other by Theo Smith

🌟 Culture, Community and Class in Neurodiversity hosted by Atif Choudhury

🌟 The Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace hosted by Aidan Healy

🌟 Neurodiversity and the Justice System hosted by Caroline Turner

🌟 Neurodiversity: We don't all fit into one box! Hosted by Tony L.

🌟 Supporting the Success of Neurodivergent Learners hosted by Elizabeth Takyi (BA Hons PGgcert)

🌟 Neuroinclusive Design and Assistive Technology hosted by Antony Ruck

🌟 The Experience of Neurodivergent Women and Girls hosted by Samantha Hiew, PhD

🌟 Good Practice for Neurodiversity Professionals hosted by Dr. Tiffany Jameson, MBA, PHR

Our panel discussions are also complimented by 9 introductory sessions on neurodiversity taking place throughout the week and hosted by Team Lexxic. These webinars are are open to parents, schools, educators, workplaces and whoever wishes to attend.

We’re incredibly grateful to our hosts and panelists for taking part during the week, and are looking forward to having you with us for what is set to be an amazing week of celebrating different minds!



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