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neurodiversity in corporate life

In Season 2, Episode 3 of our podcast, we address the high unemployment rate of adults with autism and the corporate inclusion efforts that have since risen up to combat this societal problem. Solutions to this issue involve a multi-faceted array of stakeholders. This episode focuses on neurodiversity inclusion efforts of major corporations; future episodes will eventually get into areas like community partners that train some individuals to be ready for such jobs, etc.

We were honored to have interviewed Lee Corless, Vice President at JPMorgan Chase, based in the UK. Through the firm's Autism at Work program, he helps to lead diversity and inclusion efforts in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region as well as Asia Pacific. He speaks on his own later in life autism diagnosis, raising his son who is also on the spectrum, current inclusion efforts and what he sees the future to be in this area ( and so much more). For some preliminary research on autism employment efforts and some approaches to improvement, please refer to some of the following sites. We hope you enjoy the episode. In the meantime, take care. U.S. Department of Labor Spectrum News Autism Speaks Society of Human Resources Management Forbes University of Pennsylvania


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