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neurodiversity in IT at stanford

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If we really just break down the word neurodiversity into neuro and diversity, meaning, our brains work differently, we start to realize that this isn't really something that's too uncommon.

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You, you probably already know a number of neuro diverse people in Stanford and, and wouldn't be able to pick them out of a crowd. It's not, there's no sign or, or surefire way. But when when someone comes to you and they confide in you, it's important to do what you can to just help them be successful.

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It somehow feels if only we listen, to pay attention, we're mindful, we could be so inclusive of like, get them into our workforce and actually leverage them. I mean, ultimately, at Stanford, we have to be innovators.

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I think we might be a little surprised to see that there are more people out there in the talent field that we can draw from them. We're not because we have such strict neuro typical standards of what is expected of potential candidates that we're not really looking past our own expectations to see what could be rather than what is.

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Well, I work with positions that are titled software developers or applications engineers or individuals in the DevOps world. And I think all of the skills for those particular positions fit quite nicely with the skills I know about for the individuals that are in the autism spectrum.

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I think what I would say to others who might be interested in this program is to just go to the bbl. I know that I was inspired by it, I think it changed my perceptions, not just about working with neurodiverse individuals, but how I work with all of my colleagues how I communicate with individuals on an interpersonal level, it really opened my eyes, I think you'll end up coming out of it with

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just overall, hopefully being a better person and having some more skills that that you can apply to your normal day.

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disclosure about a neurodiversity can still be a big deal for some people, because they're worried that other people might think they're not as capable because of a given difference than themselves or a certain label that might be associated to it.

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I think the most important thing about all of the ideal it programs is that we're actually teaching our staff that it's okay to just be yourself and that, you know, however you present in the workplace, that's okay.

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On a personal front, I have always dealt with subtle biases, be it because of color or race, or the way I speak and my accent. And this just felt like another area where we're embracing the difference, and giving people a chance. So to me personally, it is an opportunity to pay it forward. And I would welcome others to think about it from that perspective and see how can we embrace the diversity around us

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