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neurodiversity in the workplace

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

How we work

The Neurodiversity in the Workplace Initiative supports potential autistic candidates, as well as their future managers and coworkers. The initiative is divided into a series of sections, with specific areas in mind, including:

  • Expected Outcomes. What participants and management can expect from the training program

  • Core Learning Concepts and Training Modules. What materials and training best fit individual and organizational needs

  • Opportunities for Expansion. How potential employers can leverage the training for a broader impact

  • Next Steps. How to seamlessly integrate the Neurodiversity in the Workplace talent pool into your organization

Identify To ensure that we match the right people to the right opportunities, we work hand in hand with you. Together, we’ll discover which career paths fit each candidate.

Autistic people can thrive in a variety of job types, including:

Prepare Once the right candidate is identified, we provide enterprise readiness training—in addition to the professional and social skills training already provided—to prepare your employee for your unique culture.

We prepare candidates for:

  • Self-advocacy to promote independence

  • Managing sensory differences

  • Emotional regulation and expression

  • Understanding the unwritten rules of the workplace

  • Teamwork with managers and colleagues

  • Navigating e-communications

We also offer you services designed to foster a productive, neurodiverse workforce by:

  • Directing your staff on how to create a welcoming environment for autistic colleagues

  • Assigning dedicated team members to your office

  • Working closely with your HR team to offer ongoing support to both your new employee and staff

Support Once your employee is hired, we’ll be by your side throughout a seamless onboarding process—including the on-site support of dedicated team members from Neurodiversity in the Workplace.

To ensure a smooth transition, we offer a range of resources and can collaborate with you as:

  • A consultant. We understand that making diverse hires in your office is a priority, but that you may have not considered neurodiverse candidates in the past. That’s why we are available to help you design the inclusive hiring programs and support structures required for success.

  • A training provider. Training is a key component of preparing candidates as well as supporting existing employees at your company. So, to optimize the success of new hires, we build and deliver a program customized to fit your organization.

  • An employment/placement agency. As part of both new and ongoing partnerships, we work to connect great people to fulfilling jobs within your organization. It all starts with identifying potential employees from our talented pool of candidates.

  • A partner. Your commitment to workplace diversity makes a profound difference in and around your business. That’s why we stand with you and promote your organization’s work to the community at large.

Together, we have THIS ABILITY to fulfill lives—along with your unique needs—as one. Because we’re a not-for-profit organization, we provide these services at reasonable fees and can develop a proposal tailored to your business.

SpArc Philadelphia

2350 West Westmoreland Street

Philadelphia, PA 19140

  • Phone 215-229-4550

  • E-mail


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