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Neurodiversity is a super power not a problem | Elaine Halligan | TEDxBonnSquare

We have to break the stigma around mental health and children. Most of the times the signals are quite subtle and can be often overlooked by parents, so many children may be suffering behind closed doors. I believe 'Prevention is better than cure. As a parenting specialist, Director of The Parent Practice, and author of the best-selling book ‘My Child’s Different’, Elaine helps parents raise competent, confident children, and find the holy grail of parenting - Keeping calm!

She faced the challenge of parenting her son, who being wired differently and with undiagnosed learning difficulties, by age seven, had been excluded from three schools. He experienced failure at a young age and was written off by society. However, through the use of life-changing positive parenting skills, her son’s self-worth improved & he finished his schooling as Head Boy. He is now an intrepid entrepreneur with resilience, grit & an ability to bounce back in the face of adversity. Her mission is to impart her knowledge to other parents, to ensure their ‘different’ or ‘difficult’ children survive and thrive in their educational years and beyond. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Thank You for Visiting Everything Neurodiversity!

Hello, Thank you for visiting Everything Neurodiversity. This site is a passion project of mine. The hosting costs are minimal and I try to dedicate time to it whenever I can. I intend to keep this site as educational and ad free. 

I have learned a great deal from working on this site and the social platforms that go along with it. So much that I have started another site dedicated to building a more sustainable and easier fashion shopping expiereince. It has recently been selected for sponsorship in the Microsoft Founders Hub Program and I'm excited for the new developments this will enable. The first 10,000 users who make a purchase through the site will get lifetime Premier Status enabling rewards up to 17%! Check it out here: RunwayRewards.Shop or browse the integrated page below: 

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