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Neurodiversity: The New Diversity with Lawrence Fung

Updated: Jan 9

Dr. Lawrence Fung introduces the concept of Neurodiversity and illustrates related concepts in our society. Neurodiversity is about accepting variations in brain functions and behaviors as part of normal variations of human beings. Uncovering the strengths of neurodiverse individuals empowers them to increase innovation and productivity, resulting in favorable outcomes not only for them but for the entire community. In this presentation, Dr. Fung will describe the Strengths-Based Model of Neurodiversity in developing neurodiverse individuals in learning and work environments. He will provide examples on how the model is implemented in the Neurodiversity at Work Program and other programs within the Stanford Neurodiversity Project.

Lawrence Fung is an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences (Major laboratories and Clinical Translational Neurosciences Incubator). He is a scientist and psychiatrist specialized in autism, and the father of a teenager on the autism spectrum. He is the director of the Stanford Neurodiversity Project, which strives to uncover the strengths of neurodiverse individuals and utilize their talents to increase innovation and productivity of the society as a whole. He directs the Neurodiverse Student Support Program, Neurodiversity at Work Program, and Neurodiversity Clinic at Stanford. His lab advances the understanding of neural bases of human socio-communicative and cognitive functions by using novel neuroimaging and technologies. His team devises and implements novel interventions to improve the lives of neurodiverse individuals by maximizing their potential and productivity. He is currently conducting a study to demonstrate that specialized employment programs such as Neurodiversity at Work program will result in higher retention rates and quality of life.



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