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Non Sleep Deep Rest - 25 min NSDR Yoga Nidra


This 25 Minute NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest) is a Yoga Nidra style Meditation. You can think of this Yoga Nidra is like a little reset for your mind. This guided yoga nidra includes gentle binaural beats and soft piano to further soothe the nervous system and create brainwave entrainment for deep relaxation. This type of meditation also aids deep relaxation, non sleep deep rest, and for those who need it, sleep. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that uses a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This yogic sleep technique calms the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic (relaxation, rest & digest) response which is so needed in these current times. This 25 Minute NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest) is a Yoga Nidra style Meditation. This non sleep deep rest is guided by Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga. Yog Nidra provides relaxation and promotes delta waves, an activity in the brain present in deep sleep. If you need deep rest and stress relief, yoga nidra meditation, a guided relaxation technique is for you. In this yoga nidra guided meditation to relax you will be guided through a body scan to calm the nervous system, It’s a 25 minute yoga nidra guided relaxation to reboot your whole nervous system. This 25min yoga nidra script lead by Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga that is perfect for anxiety relief. Lie down, relax, rest and meditate all at the same time! This 25 minute yoga nidra for relaxation aids to calm stress and anxiety. It’s an effective yogic sleep practice with binaural beats & soft piano to calm the nerves and take you deeper into theta and delta brainwave states. This is a yoga nidra style body scan to soothe the nerves. This yog nidra has a soothing female voice further enhance the state of deep relaxation in the central nervous system. Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that helps with insomnia, anxiety, stress, adrenal fatigue, ptsd and so much more. And you can practice these guided yoga nidras next: 15 Minute Yoga Nidra Body Scan: 35 Minute Traditional Yoga Nidra: 20 Minute Yoga Nidra for Relaxation: 30 Minute Grounding Yoga Nidra: 30 Minute Root Chakra Yoga Nidra: 40 Minute Yoga Nidra with Swinging Chimes: Practice Live in Retreats or YTTs with Ally: If you enjoy your experience with this meditation please leave a comment below and let me know! Also, If you have a request for a type of meditation or yog Nidra you would like me to publish please let me know below! I'm always open to suggestions :) Happy Meditating, Loka Samastah Suki Nau Bhavantu With Love, Ally ( ) ***********************************

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