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Personal Blind Spots

Brian Wagner looks at life differently than most people.

He has a gift for helping others identify their personal blindspots and overcome their self-limiting beliefs.

His talent developed out of his childhood diagnosis of a severe genetic disorder that would eventually impair his vision, but not his outlook on life.

Brian inspires and motivates others to embrace their personal blindness, whether it be physical or mental, through a process he called A Radical Vision. You may have wondered why you’ve been passed up for a promotion. Maybe your spouse has left you unexpectedly. Maybe you didn’t get the job offer that you felt was yours.

There are certain times in everyone’s life where we question why certain things are happening. “How could they do that to me?”, you might have said. This is a victim mindset. There is always two sides to every story. More than likely, these issues could have been seen far in advance and possibly corrected. They seem to have come out of nowhere because they were in your blindspot. There’s a reason why automobile regulations are demanding blind spot detection.

This is a hot topic with the automotive industry, regulatory commissions, financial industry, as well as almost any part of daily life. This is the kind of blindness that has impact for every day issues. Once you’ve concluded that you are blind and identified your blind spots you’ll be ready to learn how to see through your blindspots. Embracing your blindness will become a movement that you want to share with others. This will allow free flowing communication for you, your love ones, your work associates and others. Brian was born and raised on a tomato farm as the youngest of 10 kids in Northwest Ohio. From an early age he has known that farming was not for him. He’s also known that he has a severe genetic disorder which has surfaced as a Cavernous Malformation. Since the age of 10 Brian has had a hydrocephalus shunt and most recently has gone blind due to additional complications. He is a survivor or brain surgery and has a passionate story to tell that will inspire and motivate you to join him in a movement. This is where A Radical Vision helps others to embrace their personal blindness, whether it be physical or mental. As Brian says, “we all have blindness in our lives.” You’ll be engaged as you begin to see through your blindspots and begin to overcome your self-limiting beliefs.

Brian lives in Hilliard, OH with his wife Connie where they have raised three amazing kids.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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