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releasing the potential of high ability kids 36m42s Neurodiversity Podcast

How can we knock down the walls that surround many neurodivergent kids? Should teachers play a role in their students’ social and emotional well-being, or is school only about academic rigor? What are some teaching techniques that will get kids talking and participating? Emily Kircher-Morris and Jim Delisle have a conversation about ways to release the potential that’s often locked inside neurodivergent kids, on episode 89.

ABOUT THE GUEST - James Delisle, PhD, was a professor of education at Kent State University for 25 years and was selected by faculty and students there as a "Distinguished Professor", the University's most prestigious teaching award.

Jim has worked on behalf of gifted children and teens for nearly four decades. The author of hundreds of articles and 17 books that have been published in multiple languages, he continues to consult with schools worldwide in an effort to increase awareness of the needs of gifted children and adults. For the past several years, Jim has worked part time with highly gifted 9th and 10th graders at the Scholars' Academy in Conway, South Carolina.

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