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Remote Work Body Doubling

The pandemic led to a rise in remote working and a corresponding increase in distractions and loneliness. One way of coping with these challenges is the practice of body doubling, which involves working in the presence of others.

Traditionally, this has been done in the same room, but it is now taking place on platforms like TikTok Live and Zoom.

Workers who are struggling with self-directed attention and self-restraint, can benefit from this approach as it allows them to have an unbiased and accountable “other” to work with.

The trend has become more accessible and innovative thanks to technology and has allowed people to connect with others worldwide, thereby reducing loneliness. Body doubling can also improve focus and productivity, as demonstrated by studies conducted by Flown, a company that hosts Zoom body doubling.

Remote workers, who have lost the structure of routine due to the pandemic, have found the practice helpful. The benefits of body doubling have prompted psychologists like David Sitt to promote it to clients. It has also helped content creators like Allie K. Campbell, who hosts weekly co-working sessions on TikTok, and Nicole Onyia, a data analyst who goes live on TikTok for about five hours every day while juggling her full-time job. Onyia's live videos have earned her over 100,000 followers. Body doubling has proven to be a useful strategy for remote workers looking for community and productivity.

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