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Running list of Neurodiversity Conferences in 2023

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

This page is a guide to upcoming neurodiversity conferences in 2023, with a focus on both in-person and virtual events.

16 March 2023 London - Neurodiversity in Business Conference:


March 22-24 Washington DC - Neurodiversity in the Workplace Conference

Join the collaborative conference that brings together a community that is committed to improving employment outcomes for the neurodiverse workforce.

Kennedy Krieger Institute's Neurodiversity at Work program takes a multi-faceted approach to hiring and retaining individuals of all abilities as part of the workforce. Neurodiversity at Work is a collective impact initiative designed to create and support gainful employment for individuals with disabilities, providing economic benefit for businesses and the larger community.

"We are thrilled to announce that human rights lawyer and author Haben Girma will present a keynote address at our Neurodiversity in the Workplace National Conference in March. The first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, Haben believes disability is an opportunity for innovation, and she teaches organizations the importance of choosing inclusion.

Named a White House Champion of Change by President Obama, Haben has also received the Helen Keller Achievement Award as well as a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and she has delivered a TIME100 Talk."


April 14 2023 - CUNY Neurodiversity Conference 2023

Discussions of neurodivergent talent often focus on narrow definitions of STEM-related skills at the expense of exploring the vast creative expression at the heart of the neurodiversity movement. For the fifth CUNY Neurodiversity Conference, we want to spotlight neurodivergent artists. We can all learn from neurodivergent creativity, including how to support people in ways that recognize the full diversity of the spectrum.


10 July 2023 - 13 July 2023 Disability:IN 2023 Global Conference

Here is a brief overview of the Conference schedule (all events and times are subject to change). A more detailed agenda will be available in February 2023. Recognition of the Disability Equality Index Top-Scoring Companies and Inclusion Awards presentations will take place at plenary sessions during the conference. While the conference will be primarily in-person, if you are not able or do not wish to travel to Orlando, we will again offer a virtual participation option. This will include live streaming of all the plenary sessions, a select number of breakout sessions, and the ability to interact with conference attendees via our conference app.


2023 PINE Summit - Virtual TBD

PINE’s Summit is a conference for teachers and administrators, clinicians and therapists, parents and family members, autism professionals, and self-advocates interested in creating inclusive school environments, learning innovative ways to work with autistic children, and looking to connect with experts in the field.

This multi-day event, hosted by The Program for Inclusion and Neurodiversity Education (PINE), offers an exciting mix of keynotes, expert-led sessions, panel presentations, and peer-to-peer roundtable discussions.


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