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Speakers, Presenters and resources for Neurodiversity

With April around the corner I wanted to setup a space to highlight some Neurodivergent Speakers that you can hire to present at your company.

Its vitally important that the messages around neurodiversity be lead by people who have actually experienced it first hand.

Faith Saenz(She/Her) • 1stAutistic Autism Advocate | Experienced Technical Recruiter | DEI PM | Former Twitter Tweep, Ex-Uber21h • 21 hours ago

Autism Appreciation Month is right around the corner and it’s the PERFECT time to educate your staff on how to support and collaborate with their autistic peers successfully. Many people are #autistic and it’s very likely you have autistic people on your team you don’t even know about. In fact, about 1 in every 100 is autistic so if you have a staff of over 100, #Autism Appreciation Month should not go uncelebrated. If you’d like for me to come and speak to your company about autism at work, please fill out the form in the comments below. If you have nothing to do with these types of decisions at your company, you can send my info to someone who does and let them know you’d enjoy and benefit from this information. I want to teach as many people as I can this April. Ya girl is amped. Her Sign up page:




More to come as I find them, have someone to add to the list? Reach out to Everything Neurodiversity on LinkedIn


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