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The Mental Health Matrix(TM)

A next-generation approach for identifying and managing mental health in the workplace.

Managers identify employee mental health as the most pressing issue facing their organizations, yet the vast majority of companies aren’t addressing it.1 Moved by the need to address mental health at scale, Verizon Media teamed up with nonprofit Made of Millions to conduct a global study among managers, human resource executives and company leaders on mental health in the workplace. The result is The Mental Health Matrix™ —a new standard for identifying sources of mental strain and the tools required to combat them. 1 Findings are based on a 1,000-person quantitative study among global managers who ranked "The mental health of employees" as the most important issue facing their organization today, surpassing 13 other workplace issues. Furthermore, 73% of these managers stated employee mental health was either not an active part of their company dialogue or that little to no action had been taken to address employee mental health. Methodology → This study is based on a 2021 survey of 1,000 managers, human resource executives and corporate leaders in six global regions: Canada, France, India, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Deeper conversations were conducted with an expert panel of 12 psychologists, psychiatrists and corporate leaders in mental health.

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