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tips to stop bullying at work

This is a special edition of the Inside EMS Podcast - enjoy a crossover post from Chris Cebollero's Ultimate Leadership Podcast with guest Coach, Speaker and Author, Jeanie Cisco-Meth.

When Jeanie was young, everyone knew she was different. When she got into school, the labeling began. She had so many learning disabilities and physical differences, she stood out. She had dyslexia, she couldn’t talk very well, she was legally blind, she was six feet tall by the eighth grade, she was a cancer survivor, and the list goes on. Jeanie has made it her crusade to stop bullying, not only working in the corporate world, but taking her message right into the schools. In this episode of The Ultimate Leadership Podcast, Jeanie discusses why people bully, how to confront bullies, and she shares some insight from her two books.

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