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To any autistic adults able to help… what advice do you wish your parents were given when you were y

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

It's really easy to confuse a curious nature with a debating one. Try to always assume positive intent. Holistically, everyone wants the same things we just all have very different neural pathways to accomplish them.

Also, communication can be a last resort. often try to solve the problem other ways first, only if ideation fails is it communicated. This means a lot goes uncommunicated and what does has been around awhile.

Please please please advocate for us and give us space to advocate for ourselves. If a relative is visiting and it's overwhelming and your kid needs to leave early or go somewhere quiet, that's fine. Ask them if it's ok if someone (including you) touches them, and respect their

don't try and fix us provide space to decompress celebrate us, talk about our successes and how proud you are - not for "how far we've come" but for being the wonderful people we are

Unconditional love. My parents sat me down one time and told me "no matter what, we will always love you. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, transgender, anything, we will *always* love you." And I was confused and said like "okayyyy, what if I kill someone," and stuff 1/

(They said they'd be mad but, probably still love you-then I think they switched to for sure they would) but this worked so well, when I later found out one of the main causes of homelessness for gay youth was their parents kicking them out, I literally couldn't comprehend it 2/

Being Autistic comes with a lifetime of gaslighting. I would say believe them, when they say it’s to hot or to cold or something hurts or they can’t do something. If they say or show somethings a problem for them support them even if you don’t feel the same. Xx

I suggest reading and/or getting the audiobook called Sincerely, Your Autistic Child. This anthology is comprised of autistics telling their parents what they loved and what th


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