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ICYMI | Twitter@AutismCapital | Coverage of SBF FTX Saga

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

A story and coverage so good, it deserves a highlight reel. Work in Progress, check back periodically for updates.




Two sets of books: Twice the Accounting Fun! Just Like Enron.




Wow. Yeah we will invest in your project, just deposit all your money in our "bank":



Not only does this penthouse come with a pool, but if you end up in a $10b to $50b hole due to a mess you made, it includes a neighbor gag order:




An Internet Scrub not seen since Gavin Belson's time continues.


This MasterClass and Brady Commercial must be released and all profits go to the Victims Fund.



The Ad:




Stimulants and Soylent: Diet of Bank Robbers?


Mon Nov 14: NYT Fluff Piece Drops:


Monday November 14th: Insider shares about culture


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