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what is cognitive behavioral therapy and how can it help with ADHD

In this episode of ADHD for Smart Ass Women, Tracy talks about the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); what is it, who is it for, how it works with ADHD. Learn how:

  • CBT incorporates cognition(what we’re thinking), behaviors (what we do) and emotions.

  • CBT does not treat ADHD, but works to lessen how it impairs your life through symptoms like procrastination, time management, disorganization

  • CBT educates ADHDers about their brain and why it is the way it is

  • CBT, helps to

  • build workarounds

  • manage negative expectations and emotions

  • discover negative behaviors that interfere with your ability to live to your potential.

  • CBT can look different for each patient because it’s set up to their individual needs

  • Learn where CBT came from and how what you’re saying to yourself can really affect your life: what jobs you’ll apply for, what relationships you’ll enter into, what risks you’re willing to take.

Discover how the experience of growing up with ADHD, especially undiagnosed ADHD, can impact how you think, what you think about yourself, how you cope, your attitudes and your beliefs. Learn how the lens that you see the world through definitely affects who we become. Discover how what you’re thinking can impact your life. And that:

  • Your thoughts create your feelings/emotions

  • Your feelings create your actions

  • Your actions create your results.

  • Everything starts with your thoughts.

  • How our thoughts are responsible for our emotions.

Tracy states: “Don’t believe everything you think.” It doesn’t matter if you had that negative thought a million times. It’s not going to affect you now unless you think it again. You don’t have to undo those thoughts, you just have to break the pattern of the thought. Tracy shares that CBT looks for where your thoughts are distorted and it has you question them. In CBT, you’re also learning how to use specific strategies for managing your ADHD like getting to work on time, starting a project you don’t want to do, sticking to your planner, building better relationships. Discover what you should do when you can’t start a project or task. Also learn CBT strategies around

  • Prioritization

  • Self-regulation

  • Time management

  • Managing emotions

  • Managing behavior

  • Procrastination

Discover how CBT compares to medication and what kind of Cognitive Behavioral therapist you should hire. Resources:


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